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Organizational change

Leading experts in planning and leading significant change processes globally.

Organizational change

Change is a common factor in growth processes, globalization, mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation, CEO replacement, implementation of technological systems and other significant events in the life of the organization. The organization’s ability to successfully manage significant change processes requires an in-depth understanding of change dynamics and knowledge of the set of tools through which to plan, implement, manage, and monitor the pace and direction of the change progress. HR experts, the entity responsible for the company's human capital, play a key role in the initiation, evaluation, and implementation of the change. AKT's experts are at your service to share their experience in planning and leading the significant change processes of companies in a variety of industries in Israel and abroad.

For more details – Rami Pinhas, Director of Change Management and Leadership

Provided Services

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    AKT has proven experience in assisting organizations at all stages of the process, from due diligence and risk assessment related to human capital, through merger planning – to accompanying the integration process.

  • Organizational structure redesign

    Using proven methodologies, our consultants will help shape the organizational structure while balancing several dimensions, including processes, people, compensation, incentive systems, and interfaces.

  • Organizational culture redesign

    The ability to change organizational culture requires a deep understanding of the gap between the existing culture and the desired one, an understanding of the role of leadership in leading the change, and an awareness of the complexity of the process.

  • Change management as a project

    The AKT team has extensive experience with recommending and implementing methodologies and tools for managing change processes, including for integrative planning, change readiness evaluations, task performance tracking, and progress monitoring.

  • Organizational communication

    In collaboration with the client, AKT experts design an effective communication strategy, formulate the roadmap for change, and develop dedicated communication plans for the various target audiences in the organization.


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