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Turning the disruptive nature of digital transformation into an opportunity requires fresh insights.


Digital HR Services

Digital HR is reimagining the people experience – both for employees and customers, and for shaping human behavior. The impact of digitization on work inflicts majority of the global workforce to work from home or in a hybrid environment while user expectations are at an all-time high, and organization recognize that to attract, engage and retain customers and employees, they need to have the best digital HR tools. At AKT we are fascinated by how technology effects people lives, work, and connections, and constantly assisting organizations to transform their HR processes while exploring new methods and insights. We make it a priority to help our customers redefine and transform the way people experience organizations and brands and adapting to the new expectations in the digital experience economy. We provide the best-in-class digital HR platforms and improve user experience, drive higher employee engagement and prominent employer branding.

HR Transformations

We drive transformations through implementing Qualtrics and SAP’s market-best in cloud, analytics and mobile technology, to incentivize, inspire, and create effective and engaged constituents. By strategy and roadmap, we are able to build a solid HR Tech foundation that enables agility for all HR capabilities such as Talent Acquisition, Employee Development, Rewards and Compensations, People Analytics and Workforce planning in the context of the Corporate Strategy and everchanging labor market conditions.

Market Trends

We can see many market trends emphasizing the importance of these processes, here are a few: 75% Senior HR Managers agree that collaboration, constant communication and a mentorship culture between managers and teams will become the future mandate of a high performing workplace. (Cision) 69% of employees are likely to stay with a company for 3 years if they experience great onboarding. (Clickboarding) 36% of HR professionals cite insufficient technology for their inability to automate and improve the organization of onboarding programs, further inhibiting their ability to train managers in proper onboarding techniques. (Kronos) 71% of employees that went through an onboarding process had a clearer understanding of their role and felt equipped for their responsibilities. (TalentLMS)

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