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Human Resources Excellence (HRE)

Maximize the value HR generates for the organization by structuring an operational concepts, practices, infrastructure, and work processes to support the people’s strategy and enhance your HR team’s capabilities

HR Excellence

We believe that the HR function will maximize the value of for the organization, managers, and employees, by generating an operational concepts, practices, infrastructures, and work processes that support the people's strategy. This is and led by an attentive HR team with key capabilities.

For more details – Michal Young – Director of Human Resources Excellence

Provided Services:

  • HR Strategy

    Close Support and guidance in analyzing the business strategy and relevant trends of the labor market, to build a “people's strategy” and an operative work plan. for its realization.

  • HR operating model and structure

    Supporting design, structure, and implementation of HR operating model changes (or other specific fields), to bring value to the organization, managers, and employees while maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of HR.

  • Enhancing HR professionalism

    We offer customized or product-based solutions to improve HR perception, knowledge, and skills using a variety of tools such as:: knowledge communities, mentoring, online courses, and frontal workshops, all led by HR content experts.

  • Employee experience (EX) design

    We believe that an organization that offers the best employee experience , strengthens the employer brand, engagement, and productivity of employees. We accompany clients in a variety of projects ranging from employee experience transformations to improving the employee experience around a specific journey, using unique solutions basedsolutions-based capabilities on diverse customer experience tools.

  • HR processes and systems

    Supporting our clients to identify and define the process and technological infrastructure required for the organization's people strategy using best practices, formulating a multi-year roadmap to support the not only the implementation but and at all stages of the process.

  • HR analytics

    Analysis of insights and metrics in the organization’s HR to leverage business results, identify required interventions and multi-year workforce planning.


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