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Outplacement Services

Providing mobile talent solutions worldwide with LHH’s experienced career consultants

Outplacement Services

AKT has extensive experience in accompanying organizations, employees, and managers in managing a comprehensive dismissal process. It includes four pillars: a proper structured process planning, a reliable, consistent, and clear organizational channeling plan, defined departure packages for the dismissed employees, and a defined plan for retaining the employees who remain employed.

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Provided Services

  • Consulting and supporting the organization, HR team and management

    We provide tailored advice and guidance to each organization, to effectively manage the employees’ severance process. This is meant to minimize the risks facing an organization during a period of uncertainty (a prolonged decline in productivity, risk of damage to the employer brand, loss of critical talent and risk of lawsuits by dismissed employees).

  • Dismissal mentoring program: from outplacement to active placement

    Many companies understand the importance of providing real support to employees from whom the organization separates to enable them to recover quickly and maintain the positive image of the organization in the eyes of those who remain. Our personal occupational accompaniment program has proven to be extremely effective.

  • Organizational culture redesign

    The ability to change organizational culture requires a deep understanding of the gap between the existing culture and the desired one, an understanding of the role of leadership in leading the change, and awareness of the complexity of the process

  • Change management as a project

    Change management in project management can be complex, especially when handling multiple projects simultaneously. AKT has rich experience in helping organizations to adjust a project’s schedule, scope, cost, and resource distribution, so as to mitigate the impact on another project’s workflow and outcome.

  • Comprehensive career counseling

    We help employees rebuild their resumes and social media profiles, acquire needed skills for successful job processes such as interviews and screening processes, manage efficient networking, and succeed in negotiating employment terms. At the same time, we link them to opportunities and jobs through the hundreds of recruiters and employers we work with.


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