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Jul 10
Event /

HR Connect - New York 2024

AKT Global is a silver sponsor of HR Connect - New York. Skills-based organisation, Employee Experience, AI at the right pace on the most efficient way

New York, USA

Full day

€ Free

May 15

Boost Front-Line Performance with AI: A deep dive into Qualtrics XM for Customer Care

An engaging webinar tailored for customer service managers, team leaders, and business executives dedicated to leveraging AI to enhance front-line performance with Qualtrics XM for Customer care.


Mar 20

Mastering the Pulse of Your Workforce: Leveraging Qualtrics for Continuous Employee Experience Management.

Insightful and engaging webinar designed for HR professionals, team leaders, and business executives who are committed to enhancing their organizational culture and improving employee satisfaction.


Jan 11

Digital Assessment Meetup

The event focuses on addressing recruitment challenges through digital assessment tools, featuring presentations from industry leaders like Oren Banani, Amir Levy, Dekla Gitelman, and Jakob Andrén.

AKT Offices, Holon, IL


Oct 16
Event /

Unleash World Paris

Join UNLEASH World in Paris, where innovators from all corners of the globe come together to share new HR technology

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, 1 Place, France