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Compensation and benefits

Providing support with wage and incentive plans based on comprehensive global data

Compensation and Benefits

Determining wage and incentive plans is a fundamental issue that involves an in-depth understanding of the prevailing wage in a specific industry and the benefits accepted in the market in which they operate. Our strategic partnerships with Aon and Radford enable us to provide global companies with a comprehensive service in every country in which they operate.

For more details – Michal Young – Director of Human Resources Excellence

Provided Services:

  • Rewards and benefits packages

    Support in determining the optimal salary and incentive policy for companies operating in the local and global markets.

  • Radford Surveys

    Our experience shows that companies succeed when they base decisions on analytical data. It is important that you know how much talent earns in a similar position in parallel companies in the country where you operate and what the associated benefits are. That's why we've partnered with Redford, the world's leader in compensation and benefits surveys, and we're providing you with access to the latest and most relevant surveys for you to help you determine your payroll strategy

  • Job Architecture

    Equally important compensation for an employee is how his role is defined and the hierarchy in the organization. We support you in structuring the organization's job architecture, with an overall view of the organizational and employees’ needs.


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