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People Advisory Talent Management

Recognized experts in talent related processes: recruitment and digital assessments, career development, performance, learning

Talent management

Talent management In an ever changing and competitive world, HR have a crucial influence on the success of their organization. Proper talent management allows organizations to differentiate themselves and maintain their competitive advantage. If in the past companies focused on a limited number of high-potential employees, usually managerial ("Talent for Few" approach), todays organizations must adapt to a point of view that see all employees as a potential talent pool ("Talent for Many"). In addition, organizations need to have the capabilities of measuring the set of competencies required in the world of work in the digital age (an era characterized by many changes, and a fundamental change in the way organizations create value for their customers) and enable employees and teams to develop the required skills. AKT assists its clients in recruiting, retaining, and developing the organizational talent using advanced diagnostic methods, designing unique learning programs for the digital age and a career development system to meet the specific needs of the organization.

For more details – Oren Arbel – Talent Manager

Provided Services:

  • Digital Assessment Tools

    AKT represents the AON Consulting’s digital platform, andplatform and provides support in implementing a professional and accurate solution for virtual hiring. Includinges: assessment of cognitive abilities, personality assessment, occupational tendencies, work motivations and values.

  • Executive evaluation

    AKT has an advanced model for executive evaluation. This model provides relevant information to the organization about the candidate's occupational motivations, personal and managerial abilities, and his suitability for the organizational culture. culture. We are able to assist with all of thisAll this, while maintaining an optimal customer-candidate experience.

  • Organizational surveys for listening and engagement

    We provide advanced listening solutions based on a deep understanding of the employee experience and the level of engagement of different organizational populations and provide action plans according to the survey analysis results.

  • Talent mapping and managerial succession planning

    Succession planning and talent management includes assessing the abilities and potential of employees and managers, andmanagers and formulating a strategy for future development that to help meet the organization's current and future challenges. Through mapping and evaluating key employees, we reduce risks and establish a high-quality employee pool that will ensure the success of the organization over time

  • Career management and learning

    In a world where there is competition for talent, organizations that understand the subject of constant development and learning, attractattract, and retain the most talented and sought-after employees. Learning and career development enables employees to contribute and develop the organization and position themselves as key employees, thanks to the knowledge they have accumulated

  • Performance management

    Goal management, evaluation and feedback help achieve the organization's goals and influence the employee's experience and sense of engagement. We provide guidance for building and implementing an efficient and customized process, which enables the organization to express appreciation and reward employees while also helps to retain, improve, and attract talented employees


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