How Core HR and Payroll Drive Positive Workforce Experiences

Many HR organizations find themselves with older core human capital management systems that are difficult to modernize to meet digital transformation goals. Upgrading these systems will be key to delivering an increasingly important total workforce experience.

Recently, the IDC interviewed Lisa Rowan, Research Vice President, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies at the IDC on this topic. Check out what her thoughts were based on IDC’s research on topics like:

  • Risks involved in providing an inferior employee experience for core HR and payroll;
  • Technology innovations in core HR and payroll empowering multinational organizations to run better;
  • Drivers for companies moving their core HR and payroll systems to the cloud, amongst other key Core HR and Payroll topics.

Core HR and payroll are the human capital management (HCM) functions of top importance when it comes to employee experience. If there’s one thing that employees count on, it is that their pay accurately reflects the time and effort they put into their jobs. One bad paycheck can mean the loss of a valued employee. But the employee experience doesn’t stop at paycheck accuracy. Employees also need to be sure that their vacation and sick time accruals and balances are up to date, and they count on having ready and easy access to all the information pertaining to their employment. Together, these factors contribute to employee trust in the employer.

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