The Future Workplace

At AKT, we’ve been saying that technology is transforming work and the workplace. We’ve been saying this a lot for quite some time. The future workplace looks and feels like the latest smartphone (or the future one!). Is your organization ready for this? Maybe? Hope so!

More and more tasks are being automated and will continue with advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. AI creates a different approach to how workspaces are managed. Most noteworthy, it splits process-driven activities from more creative, design and development roles. Hence, different types of workers and new jobs are created.

At the same time, the next generation of workers will be digital dependents. They have grown up playing games on the family iPad and own smartphones. So it is a priority for organizations to push workplace user experience up their priority list.

The convergence of these two factors will create organizational structures made up of autonomous workers (machines), a smaller core workforce and contingent workers (freelance specialists).  Therefore, all depending on the easiest, smart, customized user experience when it comes to their work and workplace.


Organizing for the future workplace

And we’re not alone in our thinking. In this video, JLL looks ahead to 2030. It shows how certain technologies will impact the working day and revolutionize the workplace. Pay particular attention to “Amy” getting choices. As a result of her selections, the technology adjusts to her. So, the future workplace will be customizable and easy, as easy as Amy being able to get her preferred cup of coffee in 3 – 2 – 1!

Want more details?

Check out AKT’s Organizing for the Future white paper, where we describe how smart companies are prioritizing the worker experience. It gives you some tips as to how to organize your own future workplace.