SAP Qualtrics and AKT Partner Up

The experience economy has changed the way businesses compete – it’s not just about products and services anymore. It’s about experiences. Experiences drive customer expectations, brand perceptions and can make or break an organization’s success. That’s why every organization needs tools to help them better understand the beliefs, emotions and intentions of their customers. The only way to get that – and deliver breakthrough customer experiences – is to combine the power of experience data (X-Data) and operational data (O-Data) so companies can truly understand what’s happening at every step of the customer journey.
So, when Qualtrics CustomerXM announced that they were integrating into the SAP C/4HANA product suite, creating SAP Qualtrics, we were thrilled! And we’re even more thrilled that AKT is the first SAP Qualtrics partner in Israel.

With SAP Qualtrics, this will make it easier than ever for organizations to combine X- and O-Data, gain actionable insights at every step of the customer journey and deliver personalized customer experiences.

We at AKT want to help you implement SAP Qualtrics so that your organization will now be able to listen, gain insights on what to do, evaluate the impact on the company, and most importantly, act to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.
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