Digital X Imperative

Reprinted in partnership with Qualtrics

Consider your day. Each moment quickly becomes a memory, some more meaningful than others. These experiences—our interactions with one another, with brands, products, and services— impact our days in countless ways. For today’s constantly connected consumer, an engaged and meaningful experience is not only coveted, it is expected.

Why? Because a meaningful experience, one that is relevant and emotionally salient, creates higher value and longer-term customers. Meaningful experiences generate more customer referrals and reduce employee churn. It’s human nature to come back for more when we feel engaged, when we are treated  with respect and seen as a person, rather than a data point. Sounds important, right?

Too many corporations, brands, and employers fall short of providing a top-notch experience for their target audience. When organizations don’t prioritize experience management, they end up being reactive. They are forced to put out fires rather than have conversations and capture insights that help them build the next big thing.

Digital experience leaders will continue to capture mind and market share.


Here are some tips to consider. AKT’s Experience Management team can walk you through these and demonstrate to you how you can bring in the power of experience data and operational data to improve your customer, organization and employee experience and engagement. 

1 – Think digital first. The world will continue to evolve, but digital voices of customers and prospects will only become louder and more pervasive. Think of the digital experience as the primary case, the first and integral touchpoint that will ultimately make or break a product or a brand.

2 – Prioritize the human on the other side of the exchange. If your audience is on mobile, your surveys, chats, and online ratings should be too. Align your feedback channel with the actual customer experience. Mobile-first, app-only businesses serve as inspiration here. Companies like Uber and Spotify that must master mobile provide a quick and seamless user experience, one that is intuitive and speedy. For more and more of us, this mindset is business-critical because this is where our relevant audience is ready and willing to engage.

3 – Integrate feedback in a meaningful way and give people a reason to want you to succeed. Take action by creating value beyond what you sell and your brand will endure the ebb and flow of the marketplace. Your customers, employees, and prospects will engage with your brand and stay loyal beyond any social media campaign. Approaches, like REI’s #optoutside, that incorporate the genuine customer, product, brand, and employee experience turn digital feedback into a valuable asset.

Connect with our AKT Experience Management team  more information and to start your journey to redefine and transform the way people experience your company and organization.