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During SuccessConnect Berlin 2018, Helen Jackson-Wright, head of HR services at Vodafone Group, Astrid Fontaine, member of the board at Bentley Motors,  Anat Markus, Teva’s senior vice-president of global HR operations and services, and Kai Wehmeyer, senior vice-president of corporate HR strategy and systems at Bertelsmann SE & Co, were invited to share their SAP SuccessFactors journeys and effect on their employee experience, with the thousands of conference participants.

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Improving employee experience

Astrid Fontaine, member of the board at Bentley Motors, said it was important for the company to give its employees the best possible experience at using technology at work.

That means understanding how employees interact with the company, understanding their needs and personal preferences, and giving them the flexibility to decide how they want to interact with the company.

The Crewe-based company employs 5,000 people, who produce 11,000 luxury cars a year.

“Our people are pushing us to be more digital in the workplace than we are, because the technology they are using in their day-to-day life is quite often more advanced than we can bring,” she said.

Companies often do not give enough credit to how digitally savvy their workforce are and how adaptable they are to new ways of working, she said.


“Digital transformation is taking place not only in the workplace, it is a major part of life. If you look at our private way of life – how we shop, how we communicate – all of that has changed,” said Fontaine.

Bentley’s investment in SAP’s SuccessFactors HR technology, will give employees the freedom to enrol in e-learning courses when they need to, she said.

Meanwhile, managers will be able to use recruiting tools, which are capable of downloading data from social media, to help them find the right candidates to fill vacancies.

They will be able to use keyword searches to get the data they need in hours, and see the results on their mobile phones.

“That is the new HR. And that is the way we want to operate. That is what we want to give managers. Ease, simplicity and speed,” she said.

Pharmaceuticals company Teva has seen a different cultural change, after replacing a multitude of HR technology systems with a single company-wide suite of software.

Managers are now taking responsibility for the accuracy of the data on their own teams rather than leaving it to HR.

“If the data is wrong, you have to fix it yourselves. There is no one to blame any more. You can’t say, ‘HR, you know your numbers are all wrong’. It’s your data, go ahead and take ownership. That was a big thing for us,” said Anat Markus, Teva’s senior vice-president of global HR operations and services.

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