Day #1 of AKT LABS

AKT LABS’ first cohort day took place recently with the first batch of HR Tech startups.

It was a fantastic day of the startups presenting to their startup peers and deep diving into business model and value development with Blockchain Entrepreneur and Startups Expert, Eitan Katz.


In the next 15 weeks, these startups will have a weekly cohort day – expert-led programs and workshops into topics like funding, business modeling, marketing, resourcing, etc. This is complemented by individual teams working with their mentors. During these weeks, the six startups will validate their problem/solution fit, meet their potential customers, and pinpoint their unique value proposition, towards their first major milestone; Industry Day.

At Industry Day on the 5th of September, the startups will have an intensive agenda of presentations and discussions with Israel’s leading HR practitioners and market experts. If you want to learn more about Industry Day and get an invitation, please contact