This month, more than 50 HR leaders shared their insights and expertise with AKT LABS’ second cohort of HR Tech startups at Industry Day. This was an amazing opportunity for AKT LABS’ four startups to get fully immersed in HR challenges faced today and validate if their product solves future workforce needs. And for participating HR leaders, this was a brilliant forum to exchange thoughts and best practices as well as it gave them exclusive access to the future of HR.

Here are some testimonials from participants and startups of Industry Day:


“Thank you very much for everything, for us it was a important and enriching day.” “Was impressive and organized at a high level! We also produced a lot of value. Thank you!” “It was an interesting day with lots of insights.”
“The focus group was a great opportunity to learn directly from HR managers about their needs and try to understand what are our next step would be regarding our product.” “Great event.. it was interesting. Would love to follow up on some of the startups.” “From an entrepreneur’s point of view, Industry Day was like months of research and validation crammed into one day.”


The next milestone for our four startups is the Future of Work – AKT’s Annual HR Conference on June 24, 2019. Learn more and register for this upcoming conference:


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