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#NuNormal HR Capsules by AKT

Preparing for a future beyond the crisis. We can help.
Trending Challenge

We’re still in the depths of a crisis. But many organizations are already thinking about recovery. What positive behaviors from the crisis can they keep? What must change? Do they have the right people to succeed? AKT can advice you how to accelerate through the turn and adapt to the new normal.

AKT’s View on Trending Challenges


As the outbreak spread, leaders had to grapple with one unexpected issue after another. These issues and responses lasting impact and paradigm shift to the future of work. At AKT, we call this the #NuNormal. “Nu” because it is new but now and immediate. Organizations who embrace this #NuNormal will succeed. Let AKT help you accelerate through the turn and prepare quickly for a new future beyond the crisis with four rapid enablement packages.

AKT Nu-Capsules

Can your organization thrive through and beyond COVID-19?

We can help.

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