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Enrich Learning Experiences with Centrical

Enhance SAP SuccessFactors Learning and SuccessFactors Work Zone with fully embedded gamification, personalized performance-driven microlearning, and an engaging behavioral hub for digital transformation.


Learning completion rates


Faster onboarding


Higher knowledge retention


Average employee productivity improvement

Create a Learning Culture to Drive Better Business Results

Make learning exciting with a gamification module for select SAP solutions. Engage learners with points, badges, and leaderboards for performance, participation, and knowledge sharing. Boost learning completion with real-time feedback, game levels, color-coded KPIs, and personalized goals.

Centrical seamlessly integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Learning, SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone, and external platforms for tracking employee performance metrics. Centrical’s solutions bridge
the employee experience gap by motivating employees to aspire and achieve new performance levels, explore new challenges, and learn to excel daily.

Centrical turns professional development into passion and successes into celebrations for thousands of employees daily, across the globe in the word’s leading organizations

Key Benefits:

  • Keep learners engaged with advanced gamification: Make learning fun with competitions, quest narratives, and rewards that offer daily reasons to get excited.
  • Drive business impact through learning: Deliver learning in the flow of work and personalize learning to address individual knowledge gaps.
  • Optimize for knowledge retention: Trigger AI-optimized, automated microlearning activities that ensure learning is retained and applied.
  • Empower employees to perform at their best: Provide closed-loop coaching using evaluation forms, actionable coaching tips, and personalized real-time performance visibility

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