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Adjusting your Employee Experience (EX) program in times of crisis

In times of organizational crisis and change, the company looks to their HR leaders for guidance and reassurance. This is especially the case, now, given the disruptions associated with COVID-19 and the related economic crisis.So how can HR and employee experience (EX) leaders help their organizations appropriately manage employees’ experiences during these trying times?

Reimagining Learning and Development with HXM

HR is no longer about pushing top-down programs to employees; it’s about placing employees experience at the center of every process and decision. We call this human experience management (HXM), and it is extremely relevant during these times of uncertainty.

Become an Employee Experience Management Leader

As a @Qualtrics global partner, AKT outlines how to ensure employees feel listened to and how to create the right experiences for them during critical times and when it is business as usual.

AKT Launches Experience Management

AKT is pleased to announce the establishment of an Experience Management (XM) global practice based on our new partnership with SAP Qualtrics, covering both Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) domains.

Digital X Imperative

Consider your day. Each moment quickly becomes a memory, some more meaningful than others. These experiences—our interactions with one another, with brands, products, and services— impact our days in countless ways. For today’s constantly connected consumer, an engaged and meaningful experience is not only coveted, it is expected.

The Workplace Future

When technology enables decision making.

Digital HR Projects

Creating better employee experiences

Workplace as an Experience

Employee experience is the next competitive HR battleground.

The Global Leadership Model

Ready for the future workplace.