How Gen AI can help you improving your Employee Experience Management, quickly!

How Gen AI can help you improving your Employee Experience Management, quickly!

AI is the buzzword of the moment, and it’s about to take center stage at Unleash World. But is it all hype, or can AI truly revolutionize Employee Experience Management (EX)? In this article, we’ll explore the potential of AI, with a particular focus on Qualtrics, the undisputed leader in the field. As we navigate the AI landscape and its impact on EX, we’ll start by examining the foundational aspect of “listening”.

1- Listen: The Art and Science of Asking the Right Questions

In the digital age, crafting effective survey questions is a blend of art and science. This challenge becomes even more complex when language barriers come into play. Gen AI, with its natural language processing capabilities, is proving to be a game-changer. It can help organizations create surveys that resonate with employees, regardless of their native language.

Moreover, survey translation is another crucial aspect that’s often underestimated. Moving beyond simplistic tools like Google Translate, there are now advanced solutions that take cultural and domain backgrounds into account. This ensures that the translations are not just literal but culturally sensitive, making feedback more accurate and meaningful.

In today’s global workplace, communication is key. That’s why forward-thinking organizations are using video with avatars speaking local languages to engage employees. These videos are not just a medium for communication but a powerful tool to build trust and understanding.

2- Analysis: Transforming Data into Insights Your Team Can Act On

Qualtrics has made significant strides in providing powerful data analytics and visualization tools, but there remains a gap in accessibility for many first-line managers. The challenge is not just understanding the data but making it relevant and actionable. This is where Gen AI can step in.

Imagine a world where insights from data are not confined to statistical jargon but articulated in plain, natural language. This would empower managers at all levels to grasp the significance of feedback and take actionable steps.

Automating the use of Gen AI, coupled with selected aggregated data (with careful consideration for anonymity thresholds), can transform the way organizations handle employee feedback. It can generate beautifully presented reports, enabling faster decision-making and ensuring that insights don’t sit idle but translate into concrete actions.

3- Action Plans: Empowering Local Managers for Effective Action

Employee experience management revolves around the idea of listening at scale and acting on feedback for continuous improvement. However, HR teams often face a dilemma when it comes to developing action plans. Centralized planning may be driven by expertise but can’t scale when dealing with hundreds of departments. On the other hand, local planning might align better with specific goals but lacks the assurance of matching corporate directives, available resources, and regulatory compliance.

This is where Gen AI can be seamlessly integrated into the process. Local managers can be provided with the support they need to develop action plans that align with company objectives. The AI can analyze feedback data, extract insights, and offer suggestions for tailored action plans that not only meet local needs but also align with the broader corporate strategy.

Common Theme: Adoption

The common thread between these three pillars is “adoption.” For employees to feel that their company is truly listening, understanding, and acting upon their feedback, they need to have confidence in their managers. Employee experience should be more than an HR initiative; it should be ingrained in the core practices of every manager, supported by HR. The AI implementations proposed in this article are a major step in that direction.

While the potential of AI in EX is vast, it’s worth noting that not everyone has mastered this technology. At AKT, we’ve had the privilege of delivering numerous Experience Management projects over the past three years, often in collaboration with Qualtrics. We believe that we can help organizations develop roadmaps for integrating AI with a focus on ‘Data for good’, build catalogs of prompts for various processes, and establish strong governance measures.


In a world where AI is becoming the buzzword, transforming Employee Experience Management is more than just a trend; it’s a necessity. Leveraging AI, especially with tools like Qualtrics, can revolutionize how organizations listen, analyze, and act upon employee feedback. The three pillars of listening, analysis, and action plans, when powered by AI, make the difference.

At AKT, we’re committed to making employee experience management a core process that all lines, all functions should embrace. Managers need to be empowered, and that’s where AI plays a pivotal role when properly embedded in process and HR Technology.