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What to Expect When Implementing Employee Central

Here are some areas that should get your attention when implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central.

What to Expect When Implementing End-User Training

Training end-users is critical in rolling out SuccessFactors.

HR for the Digital Age

In HR in the Digital Age, AKT presents the latest findings, and we describe how to be ahead of the digital HR curve.

Career Development

In this Leading Solution for Coping with Talent Shortage, AKT describes the required steps.

HR Delivery in the Digital Age

Gone are the days when you had to dazzle. Now just solve the customer problem. Same goes for HR delivery!

Organizing the Future

Implications of workplace automation and technological advancements.

Digital Leadership

Digital leadership from personal to organizational transformation.

ComputerWeekly Reports

AKT customer Teva Pharmaceuticals turns to Cloud HR

Performance for the Digital Age

AKT reviews traditional performance appraisals and how the disruptive nature of a digital workforce impacts the future of Performance Management.

The Workplace Future

When technology enables decision making.