SAP RESET Podcast: For a Positive Future with Rivulis

Podcast from SAP EMEA South General Business and Partner Team. In this podcast series, SAP travels across the EMEA South region to talk to different business leaders about their experiences in 2020 and how they’re now resetting their business for a brighter future. The podcast travels to South Africa, Morocco, Egypt and other countries to get their perspective.

About this Podcast Reset Episode

For this episode of Reset, YOAV VENTURA, Founder and Managing Partner of AKT, one of the largest SAP Cloud People Solutions consultancies in the EMEA region, and YAEL CHOPRA, VP of HR at RIVULIS IRRIGATION.

Around this interview, we also catch up with STAVIT NAVON, SAP’s Managing Director for Israel to hear how she has pivoted and adapted the way the business is operating since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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