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Ready for the Future of Work … Now!

The boundaries of HR are shifting in real-time. AKT helps HR navigate the new people services that will define the function for years to come.

HR Transformation Advisory


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What AKT's HR Transformation Advisory can do for you

AKT offers a suite of consulting services and tools to help transform your HR function, accelerate digital implementation, and support change management to deliver exceptional employee experience.

Align your operating model with your service vision

With AKT’s HR Transformation methodology, you will gather rich insights about your current operations, co-build a new people operating model, build the value case for transforming the function and establish the enablement roadmap that will guide your journey.

Tackle the hard stuff before it impacts your schedule and costs

With AKT, you will build new people services, products, processes and technologies. Through iterative innovation, quality and experience feedback loops, your HR will be improved and scaled for global deployment.

Design your services with your people, and tie them to desired business outcomes

With SAP SuccessFactors HXM technology transformation suite deployed by AKT, you will round out your architecture by tackling the gaps and intentionally connecting the five layers that make for a seamless digital experience: service, automation, cloud, data and analytics, and enablement. 

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Our HR Transformation Approach

Improve efficiency by redesigning the HR delivery model

AKT helps you break away from traditional HR operating models in favor of newer ways of working that are fit-for-purpose to achieve work that flexes to dynamic business needs.

Deliver digital and data-driven employee experience

AKT deploys state-of-the-art people technologies focused on creating productivity and simplicity of experience through unified engagement platforms.

Implement and communicate a shared future vision

AKT leads change management efforts in a way that creates a shared understanding of the transformation journey and generates buy-in from all employees.


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