How Leading-Edge Businesses Respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted businesses all over the world and many have been showing their resilience as they innovate with SAP technology.

After unifying their inspiring stories into a single video, the big picture that emerges is breathtaking. Not only are these businesses finding inventive ways to respond to the crisis, they are learning how to recover and re-imagine a stronger future.

Video: SAP Customers' COVID-19 Response
SAP Customer Highlight Video: COVID-19 Stories of Resilience

On the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Response

The most immediate place where digital horsepower helps is on the front lines of the pandemic. Parkland Health and Hospital System, for instance, needed to predict emergency room volumes and workflows. By tapping the power of SAP, frontline workers can now map and track patient symptoms and evaluate daily capacity and inventory.

Changing How We Work

The global pandemic has also changed the way we work, with more employees than ever working remotely. With these new realities, Koç Holding, based in Istanbul, Turkey, had to understand employees’ concerns. Using Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse led to fast action, frequent communications, and new online benefits, reassuring workers and keeping strong.

Transforming Our Communities

In the UK, many people isolated by the virus depend on the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS), whose 600,000 volunteers often spend their own money up front in order to deliver their services. The RVS is using SAP Concur software for fast, accurate reimbursement, so volunteers can focus on helping rather than filling out expense reports for hours every week.

Helping Citizens at Home and Around the World

In the U.S., some essential services are usually delivered through schools, like meals served free or at a reduced price to students from low-income households. With unemployment up and schools closed, millions of students and their families struggled. GENYOUth and SAP created SAP4Kids, helping families find food and free resources across the U.S.

The German government needed to repatriate citizens stranded all over the globe. In 24 hours, SAP built a secure, scalable app on SAP Cloud Platform. Now, hundreds of thousands of German citizens are safely home.

Keeping Food on the Table

The crisis strained food supply chains. Some folks saw empty grocery shelves for the first time in their lives and others were reluctant to leave the house for fear of risking infection. In one week, Brakes, a B2B food delivery service and a leading supplier of the food service sector in the UK, used SAP technology to create a new, direct-to-consumer food delivery site, so families can shop for groceries safely from home.

The Global Story

SAP is proud of how customers are using our technology to respond, recover, and reimagine the future. See all these stories and more in the highlight video. We hope it will inspire new ideas, innovations, and more stories for us to tell.

Graphic: SAP Customers' COVID-19 Response

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