Improve your Reporting with SAP SuccessFactors

Article translated from French original technical blog written by Brice Armeur – Reporting Project Manager at AKT CLAP, the French member company of AKT Global.


What is Reporting?

Reporting is the art of establishing the situation of your company by transforming your data sources into aggregated and readable indicators.

Generally, an effective report is based on several pillars:

  • A subject of analysis allowing you to implement your strategy, your HR processes, and your legal requirements. The status of your workforce, the reason for your departures, the publication of your results.
  • An analysis axis specific to the populations that will consume it. An HR manager does not need the same information as a manager or a member of the management.
  • A simple, readable and, if possible, dynamic visual representation, using limited graphs and tables. The report should be self-contained and focus on the important information


For quality reporting, SuccessFactors is a goldmine of information

SAP SuccessFactors is an incredible employee and HR process management tool.

At AKT CLAP, we believe that your data should not be sleeping in the cloud. In today’s fast-paced world, SuccessFactors reporting is a great way to give you a realistic, real-time view of your HR situation. It will help you make the right decisions at key times.


Modern reporting tools


Today, reporting tools are changing. We are living in a period where complex reports with dozens of columns are being replaced by synthetic reports that allow you to aggregate your indicators in presentations:

  • Simple
  • Attractive
  • Dynamic
  • Customizable

You can manage your data directly in SuccessFactors via an integrated BI tool (People Analytics Embedded) and avoid complex reports, focusing on your priorities.


Our support

SuccessFactors can be complex to use because of the amount of data available and the variety of reporting tools available.

We also believe that a good report is one that fits you. In your strategy of course, but also in relation to the people who will consume it.

Therefore, AKT CLAP (and the entire AKT Global team) has been assisting its clients for several years in the creation of Reporting statements through:

  • Training your teams (technical or functional) in the use of the various reporting technologies integrated into SuccessFactors
  • Helping in the definition of Reporting statements
  • Developing Reports under all integrated technologies
  • Supporting the implementation of external solutions such as PowerBI, SAP Analytics Cloud or other API-based middleware.


Whether you want to create traditional reports or transition to Business Intelligence type reports, do not hesitate to contact us via (France) or (outside of France).