Dr Adler on AKT LABS

Recently, we caught up with AKT LABS’ mentor Dr. Seymour Adler, Partner Talent Solutions at Aon – the world’s largest risk management and human capital consulting firm with 30,000 employees. He shared with us that the reason for joining AKT LABS was to not only provide a helping hand to Israeli HR startups but also to keep a finger on the pulse of the HR Tech space and what cutting edge solutions are being developed.

“Today, organizations are contending with developing leaders who are great people leaders—not merely good managers. And then designing and implementing the HR programs and processes that are based on our science and empirical evidence rather than fad and executive whim or bias,” he shared.

“So it has been interesting to see that some of AKT LABS’ first cohort of HR Tech startups have actual kernels of a good idea towards this problem,” added Dr. Adler. “Unfortunately, I felt frustrated not being able to provide them with a sense of the potential market or what the competitive products are out there in the marketplace. So I’m glad that there are many mentors within the AKT LABS network who they can also tap into.”

With Dr. Adler’s seasoned career we know that AKT LABS’ startups have garnered significant insight into the problems their technology is working to solve. His Performance, Reward, and Talent practice leadership at Aon and work as chief strategist for Talent Consulting, are invaluable for our HR Tech startups.

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