Achieving a sustained return on your digital transformation investment with AKT

An article by Nicolas Taoussanis, Customer Success Manager AKT Global

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation trend, with companies investing to establish evermore complex cloud solutions.

Spending on digital transformation is forecast to reach 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars by 2022, increasing to 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars by 2025. When successful, these transformations create tangible business value: increasing current, and creating new revenue streams, significant cost reductions often as high as 90%, and improved customer and employee experiences. Moreover, digital centric companies have been shown to outperform benchmarks, delivering greater value to employees, shareholders, and partners. Companies with a Digital DNA also exhibit greater resilience, adapting to adversity and seizing emerging opportunities arising from shifting market conditions.

Unfortunately, about 70% of all transformation attempts are not successful. Too often companies fall prey to the misconception that implementing the system is an end in itself; achieving go-live means the benefit is achieved, and new needs won’t emerge. Cloud solutions present a unique challenge: the market is constantly in flux, technologies continue to evolve, and the required technical skill sets are difficult to come by. As a result, many organizations find themselves with a complex cloud environment that is difficult to manage and costly to maintain. Which is why up to 20% of the value lost occurs after implementation, once the initiatives have been fully executed, leaving the real value of these solutions untapped.

AKT Global’s Application Management Services (AMS) offering can help your business mitigate this risk, by instilling a transformation ethos into business-as-usual structures, processes, and systems. Our cloud services specialists possess the technical, functional, and design skills needed to effectively leverage your cloud platforms, allowing you deliver a constant flow of growth and innovation. Our services range from on-demand support through to full application outsourcing and managed cloud which includes application enhancements, change requests (minor or major), release management, new product feature roll-outs and cloud optimization (advisory services, strategy assessment, transformation roadmaps). We provide a flexible structure that can enable your business to fine-tune AMS to your unique business objectives, allowing you to achieve a sustained return on investment.