How Can Tech Companies Stay One Step Ahead of Criminals?

Cellebrite equips law enforcement and the military with the forensics tools they need to extract digital evidence, build stronger cases, and deliver justice. As more people use technology to commit crime, Cellebrite and its employees must anticipate those moves with a range of solutions that encompass digital forensics, extraction, and analysis.


To help ensure all team members have access to ultramodern HR capabilities so they can always perform at their best, Cellebrite looked to nurture a dynamic company culture driven by fairness, engagement, and continuous development.

With SAP SuccessFactors solutions and AKT, Cellebrite was able to achieve total transparency across performance management and compensation processes, while nurturing a culture of continuous workforce performance improvement. They were also better able to manage and motivate a global workforce with flexible development goals tailored to each individual with continuous performance management.


talent development strategies
compensation and reward programs with business objectives
time to create budgets


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