Celebrating HR Professional Day … Every Day!

Republished in part from SAP News

As dramatic as shifts in the workplace have been for everyone, human resources (HR) professionals have been managing the whiplash of change over the past 18 months. HR is now, without a doubt, much more than a support function.

HR is playing a strategic role through this public health crisis, leading COVID-19 tracking and compliance, formulating organizations’ COVID-19 responses, and helping workforces navigate through the challenges of remote work, reskilling and upskilling, extended leave, furloughs, unemployment, government orders, and economic spikes and slowdowns.

So on HR Professional Day, and every day, let’s take a moment to say thank you to recognize all HR professionals around the world for all they’ve accomplished!

HR in the Spotlight

Just when many organizations looked forward to a return to some semblance of stability, HR leaders are managing the complexities of EIGHT META TRENDS IMPACTING HUMAN RESOURCES. They include the rise of the hybrid workforce; the need for flexible work, social justice and equity, and well-being; and the need to balance data intelligence with data privacy, to name a few. There are many companies that have made noteworthy progress in these and other areas.

Thank You HR!

Thank you to all the HR teams leading change and transformation at our customers’ organizations, from implementing a brand new HR system to consolidating many (legacy or on-premise) systems to one HR platform in the cloud! We are proud and honored to have supported these HR teams who have impacted more than 750,000 employees across 100 countries.

Today, with our help, these HR teams have delivered best-in-class, mobile-first and cloud-first SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite and Qualtrics Employee Experience solutions, regardless of whether employees work remotely, in a hybrid model, or on-premise. Everyone enjoys a consistent employee experience – whoever and wherever they are, and whatever they do. And more so, HR can use data to design engaging, inclusive experiences as the needs of their workforce changes (and indeed they do change and evolve).

The Best Is Yet to Come

This is just one example that stands out. At companies large and small, across every sector, HR professionals are striving to manage the impacts of a rapidly changing workplace. If the past 18 months are any indication, HR professionals will continue to innovate and provide a better employee experience over time. Specifically, we anticipate that HR leaders will work even more closely with operational leaders and assume the role of “expert advisor” on matters such as requiring vaccinations and handling COVID-19 test results to give that extra layer of safety to employees.

Ideally, this increased HR influence can be used – at least in part – to lean into business and digital transformations already underway. They should also use this influence to ensure that cultural and workforce transformation initiatives result in wins for both people and profits. For what lies ahead and for managing the impossible this past year, HR professionals deserve everyone’s heartfelt thanks for everything they do.

Say thanks to your HR team today.