Are you a CHRO superhero?

Are you a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) superhero? In this day and age, you would probably prefer being omniscient than have superhero flying or strength abilities.

Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning promise productivity acceleration but threaten some of today’s (and yesterday’s) standard job roles. Technology advances open up tremendous opportunities but sourcing scarce talent in a global market is a recruiting nightmare, beyond a challenge.

SAP Radio host and moderator Bonnie D. Graham challenged three HR experts to share their perspectives on how CHROs can get it right during an episode of Changing the Game with HR entitled, “CHROs and People Strategies: New Year Resolutions and Beyond.”

Their three-step conclusions were:

  • Step 1: Create digital-first culture
  • Step 2: Adopt digital mindset
  • Step 3: Adapt to embrace complex change

Click here to hear the full episode recording.

Article originally from SAP Voice

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