AKT Launches Experience Management

AKT is pleased to announce the establishment of an Experience Management (XM) global practice based on our new partnership with SAP Qualtrics, covering both Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) domains.

SAP Qualtrics is the latest addition to the SAP solution portfolio. It was acquired by SAP in January 2019 as part of SAP’s intent of combining X (experience) and O (operational) data. In the Employee Experience domain, this vision creates a whole new amazing world of opportunities for AKT and SAP customers, by combining SAP SuccessFactors’ operational data with Qualtrics’ experience data.

The new addition of the Experience Management practice to AKT’s Cloud business is massive growth initiative and further solidifies AKT’s reputation as one of the largest SAP Cloud People Solutions consulting firms in the EMEA region.

Why AKT for Experience Management?

  1. As a global partner of Qualtrics and with one of the largest SAP Cloud People Solutions consulting teams in the EMEA region, we help glocal clients to redefine and transform the way people experience their companies and organizations.
  2. AKT can uniquely offer clients a one-stop-partner for Qualtrics subscriptions and system implementation, integrations to SAP SuccessFactors, and all levels of advisory and/or change management in the domains of EX and CX, thereby creating value while reducing costs, risks and complexity.
  3. We have both CX and EX experts in-house to help clients achieve superior CX – improved customer loyalty, market share and revenues – and excellence in EX – highly engaged workforce – and where the intersection of both provides competitive advantage and is a priority for many of our clients who are exploring true change and transformation.

Connect with our team today to and let us help you achieve EX and CX excellence with the right insights, tools and technology: AKT Experience Management team

For more info about Qualtrics and the X-O vision, click here.