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Frische Ideen von AKT-Experten, die Ihnen helfen, der digitalen Transformation einen Schritt voraus zu sein.

Wir bei AKT sind stolz darauf, technologisch innovativ und Vordenker zu sein. Unser Blog und unsere Nachrichtenseite bieten frische Ideen und Einblicke in die digitale Personalarbeit von unseren globalen Experten, damit Sie immer einen Schritt voraus sind.

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Adjusting your Employee Experience (EX) program in times of crisis

In times of organizational crisis and change, the company looks to their HR leaders for guidance and reassurance. This is especially the case, now, given the disruptions associated with COVID-19 and the related economic crisis.So how can HR and employee experience (EX) leaders help their organizations appropriately manage employees’ experiences during these trying times?

Rivulis Digital HR Strategy with SuccessFactors and AKT

Yael CHOPRA, Global Human Resources Director at Rivulis, agreed to share her digital HR strategy and explains how the HR SuccessFactors digital platform was selected and implemented, and what external support they chose to rely on.

Case Study TEVA – How can data help institutions to understand onboarding processes better and make them more efficient and sustainable? [VIDEO]

Gal Mozes, Director, OD Sensing and Analytics, from Teva continues our video series and  gives you some interesting insights as she gave everyone at this year’s Employee Experience Summer Launch. How are you using data to understand your employees better ❓

SAP RESET Podcast: Für eine positive Zukunft mit Rivulis

For SAP podcast episode of Reset, AKT and our client Rivulis, talk best practices in SAP SuccessFactors implementation during Coronavirus.