Executive Talent Assessment

Our Executive Assessment services address a growing concern among leaders regarding how to manage and leverage executive to achieve business goals. Our insights and offerings address the entire employee life cycle, helping the executives that we serve improve business performance by realizing the value and potential of their people.

Our Executive Assessment solutions include proven, scientifically verified assessments; benchmark data, technologies and consultancy services that help organizations assess, select and develop the right people for the right roles. In fact, clients using our solutions enjoy outcomes such as better employee performance, increased sales and improved staff retention, which all lead to higher revenue and profit.

We help our customers identify, assess and develop the leadership executive needed for business success – now and in the future.

We help them assess their executive pipeline strength, supporting critical processes such as succession management and strategic capacity building.


Talent Selection

Choosing the right person for the right job is crucial to the success of your organization. AKT offers an extensive portfolio of ready-to-use assessments customized to meet your specific needs. These assessments are based on behavioral science insight to measure the capacity, capability and culture fit of each individual.

Our Capacity assessments include both behavioral and personality tests that reliably assess personality traits and behaviors, which are applicable in candidate and employee selection, development and evaluation.

Our Capability assessments identify the acquired skills, education, background and experience of each individual. This series of assessments includes ability tests, reasoning tests and skills tests specific to a particular job category.

Our Culture Fit assessments are designed to reveal how well a candidate fits within the walls of your organization. They can help your organization substantially reduce turnover and enhance employee commitment and job satisfaction – increasing efficiency and overall performance of your organization.