The retirement landscape in Israel is evolving rapidly. Constant fundamental regulatory changes make it extremely difficult for companies to design retirement programs and comply with statutory changes in the complicated regulatory environment.

At AKT, we help you ensure your company’s programs are compliant, secure, equitable and sustainable. We will help you design a strategy for effective and efficient plan management.

  • Plan design consulting to provide data, benchmarking, tools and deep expertise to help you design the most appropriate retirement plan for your business and employees.
  • We provide Actuarial services that work both now and in the future to ensure that your funding options and accounting strategies are aligned with your business goals.
  • Regulatory consulting to help you understand statutory/regulatory requirements that impact your business and help you balance business considerations and legal risks.
  • Administration and communication services for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans that include record-keeping, compliance services and customer service to help participants understand your program—through print, call center and web solutions.
  • Pension Audit: Conducting a complete pension program audit, including analyzing and identifying issues in fund administration, employee payment schemes, employer and employee cost structures, and compliance to local legislation.
  • Pensions Tender: Sourcing the most competitive pension arrangement and vendor management solution for clients and their employees.
  • Pensions Monitoring and Supervision Retainer: Helping to manage the on-going maintenance of pension arrangements and keeping clients informed of legislative and market changes.