Talent Management in the Digital Age

The Millenial generation is the largest growing demographic in the global workplace. They are spurring a shift towards flexible work arrangements, whilst retiring baby boomers and motheres returning to work increasingly opt for freelancing and contingent (part-time) work opportunities.

The new models of working promote workforce agility in that they allow organizations to quickly solve market problems via a collaboration of skills, either from outside, or inside the business, or both. This also creates challenges for HR when it comes to recruitment, performance and compliance.

It’s going to be more important than ever for HR to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to looking both internally and externally for talent with the right skills and appetite for various projects. Organizations that have clear visibility into their total talent network will be able to mobilise the right people, for the right roles, with the right skills, at the right time.

How do you evolve your talent management to cater for Millenials?

At AKT, we help you throughout your digital HR transformation journey to make use of better ways to develop to meet the Millenial generation different work ethic and drive, implement new ways to manage and retain talent, and harness the latest digital platforms to do all that.