We at AKT see the development of an interesting talent acquisition corollary: while global unemployment continues to increase, the number of job vacancies for skilled labor is also increasing.

We call this The Big Mismatch.

Online talent platforms, like LinkedIn and monster.com, have been playing an increasing role already, by attracting millions of users and easing some labor market imbalances by more effectively connecting skilled job seekers with work opportunities. Yet, they are contributing to companies’ talent engagement and retention struggles too.

Online job listings offer employees easy access to job offers and more importantly, greater transparency of their earning potential. With a better understanding of their value, your top performers regularly search for better job opportunities – they may be online searching right now!

Your company’s employer brand is also affected by this digital age. It is no longer owned and controlled by you and your business leaders, but rather by your perspective candidates and employees. Online talent platforms, like Glassdoor, gather reviews and salary information inputted by current and former employees. Happy employee or disgruntled one, these reviews are easily accessible and will influence your candidates’ and employees’ opinions of your workplace.

How then do you engage and retain talent in the digital age?

At AKT, we help you throughout your digital HR transformation journey to make use of better ways to manage your employees’ engagement and secure your employer’s brand, implement new ways to source and retain talent, and harness the latest digital platforms to do all that.