In the digital age, make it easy is essential both for online customers and now for your workforce, in particular with the increasing Millennial and the younger iGeneration population.

Taking the example from online consumer companies, your HR function needs to make it easier for your employees. The likes of Amazon, eBay and other online retailers make it easy for their customers to find what they are looking for to quickly complete a transaction. These retailers’ customer service centers are also typically hassle-free, because customer service representatives are measured on customer satisfaction, rather than the speed of call completion or the size of the sale.

Known as the Low-Effort Customer Experience, it creates and delivers an easy customer service that is catered to the customer needs and not delivery cost-efficiency. And this low-effort thinking stemming from customer service centers can also be your HR’s opportunity. Your workforce expects simple and intuitive online interactions with HR service delivery.

How do you make it easy in your own HR delivery?

At AKT, we work with you from design to implementation and through to transformation, to make your HR user experience easy, instant and agile. We design HR processes from an employee’s perspective rather than submitting to the fragmented process ownership between corporate functions and internal and external service providers. And we instil both low-effort thinking and digital mentality, coupled with measurement tools and customer support, into your HR organization.