Maximize The Value Of Your Existing SAP SuccessFactors Solutions


When most companies embark on their SAP SuccessFactors implementation process they think project, system go-live and launch. Yet this mindset misses out on two imperatives:

  1. Having the system in place is not enough. To achieve extraordinary results and drive real value from any of SAP SuccessFactors’ solutions, you will require transformational elements, change to process and structure, and new organizational competencies. This can only be achieved incrementally, as HR and the entire organization embrace the change.
  2. A major benefit of the cloud model is the pace of innovation. SAP SuccessFactors, with a new release every quarter, invites its user organizations to a continuous innovation process, one that encompasses extraordinary value.


A Journey Mindset

Organizations implementing SAP SuccessFactors solutions embrace a new mindset, that of a continuous journey. This journey requires a comprehensive, highly disciplined management methodology, encompassing the what, how, and when, coupled with an ability to read the times and know what will work for the particular state of the organization, the internal and external environments as well as the leadership in place. There is no single answer for success, but AKT value realization process can serve as a model for many organizations seeking to embed HR innovation within their DNA.

Health Check

How healthy is your SAP SuccessFactors’ implementation? Is it working well? Do you know what you are trying to achieve? Are you having the impact you want to have? Are the different stakeholders satisfied and recognize the value? Are you confident that the configuration you have, brings the best out of your SAP SuccessFactor solutions?

Over the years, AKT has made significant progress in reducing HR costs and improving operating effectiveness for our clients through the implementation of HR system and process improvements that work for the business to achieve its strategic objectives in performance and growth.

We employ a systematic approach to audit your existing SAP SuccessFactors implementation and return a set of recommendations to maximize value and effectiveness.


Utilize Additional SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

You can trust our SAP SuccessFactors’ know-how, garnered from more than 100 successful projects worldwide. We know SAP SuccessFactors solutions and technologies inside and out, and more importantly, how to configure the system to your needs. From strategy to go-live, we use SAP SuccessFactors’ acceleration methodology to increase delivery speed and minimize total cost of ownership.


Amplify Your SAP SuccessFactors Solution

If you have your basic solution in place, it is time to partner with AKT. Let our experts introduce advanced functionality, develop deeper integration to legacy and third-party systems, and develop extensions to customize SAP SuccessFactors’ functionality with AKT’s Digital Lab.


Innovation Management

The foundations of SaaS HCM systems, like SAP SuccessFactors, directly align with the new expectations people have for their HR systems—agile, flexible, and ever evolving. SAP SuccessFactors continuously adapt new features and functionality, and enable your HR organization to focus on how to use new features and on how to improve on current processes, delivery, and business empowerment.

So as technology evolves, SAP SuccessFactors provides a way for HR to transform alongside innovation — every quarter!

Yet, organizations are limited in their ability to keep up with these constant upgrades into product functionality, and we see that organizational dissatisfaction and stagnation then sets in.

So, AKT’s Managed Innovation Process covers the sequence of activities required from a new version release to implementation. It goes far beyond conducting a simple review of the available new functionality.

It challenges the status quo and calls for fresh thinking from the HR organization’s key stakeholders, relentlessly pushing the pace of innovation As a team-based framework, the approach includes facilitated workshop sessions, encompassing information exchange, reflection and adaptation. These sessions stimulate cross-functional teams to look beyond the obvious, exploring new possibilities. The resulting view of the future is then supplemented with concrete functional implementation and adoption plans.


Data Privacy and Cyber Security Audit

Your SAP SuccessFactors solution holds sensitive personnel data that must comply to the local regulations wherever you may have operations. AKT helps clients review their practices and policies to ensure compliance to all relevant regulations.We also help clients assess and mitigate any cyber security risks.

An organization’s risk management function needs a thorough understanding of the constantly evolving risks as well as the practical tools and techniques available to address them. AKT can help with all this.

Additionally, we can help clients forecast the consequences of a cyber security attack and be prepared to respond, restore normal operations, and protect their company assets and reputation.


Transform HR Process for Best Results

Our HR experts work closely with clients as they undergo a SAP SuccessFactors’ implementation to spot opportunities to improve their HR processes and policies, thereby optimizing the program transition overall.

Our ability to embed HR Best Practices into the SAP SuccessFactors’ implementation not only reduces HR costs, but also streamlines the delivery of HR services and enhances employee satisfaction. This creates a workforce that is more agile and engaged, making our clients more globally competitive. Our HR Best Practices include recruitment, engagement, talent management, reward and retention, and local workforce compliance.


Effective Transition Management

In every SAP SuccessFactors’ project, our clients benefit from structured plans to help them manage change, minimize risk and guide the implementation initiatives. We work with you to successfully manage SAP SuccessFactors’ transitions and effects through a structured planning process, open lines of communication and helping with capacity building.


Training Made Easy

Our End-User Training team creates a bespoke program per client. Our experience shows that our tailored training programs can result in better reach, greater effect and cost efficiency versus traditional, standard packages.

We base our work on pre-configured templates that allow for customization for each client and project.