Your workforce expects easy, intuitive and online interactions with HR service delivery.

What defines “effective” in HR service delivery today is not the same as it was previously. AKT can help.

We work with you to make the user experience simple, instant and intelligent.

We design HR processes from an employee’s perspective rather than submitting to the fragmented process ownership between corporate functions and internal and external service providers. And we instil both low-effort thinking and digital mentality, coupled with measurement tools, into the HR organization.

Our experts can help you:

  • Streamline the delivery of your HR services and enhance employee satisfaction based on these services,
  • Implement HR best practices that help you manage your hire-to-retire processes while minimizing retention and compliance risks of your global workforce,
  • Help you upgrade or completely transform your HR delivery models, organisational structure and processes to best adapt to the digital age,
  • Develop and implement the right HR technologies, and
  • Roll-out the right HR measurements to support your HR digital initiative.