AKT LABS’ kick-off took place recently with the second batch of HR Tech startups – the 2020 Class!

It was a fantastic two days of the startups presenting to their startup peers and deep-diving into the business model and value development with ModelZ‘s Eli Ringer

This was followed by a ‘boot camp’ session with AKT Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the People Advisory business, Etan Bernstein, who took them their paces of all matters HR and the future of work.

In the next 10 weeks, these startups will have a weekly cohort day – expert-led programs and workshops into topics like funding, business modeling, marketing, resourcing, etc. This is complemented by individual teams working with their mentors. During these weeks, the four startups will validate their problem/solution fit, meet their potential customers, and pinpoint their unique value proposition, towards their first major milestone; Industry Day.

Find out more at aktlabs.com 


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