Everything is becoming digital. That goes without saying. What is key however is how HR in global organizations are doing (or will do) about it. Let’s explore Amdocs.

With over 25,000 employees worldwide, Amdocs is a truly global company, who believe it is all about uniting people who want to make a difference in their work. Their employees are the company’s most important asset, and the secret of their success.

“Put simply, our assets are our people. An engaged employee is one who gives his/her best and is motivated to outperform expectations. The well-being of our people is directly related to employee satisfaction from their job, manager, team, and the company. There is no doubt, employee engagement is what drives our growth and success.” –Ilan Sade, General Manager of the Revenue and Customer Management Business Unit, Amdocs.

Karmit Shilo, Head of HR for Amdocs, recently shared her views and Amdocs’ experiences to an audience of more than 500 at AKT’s annual customer conference in Israel.

Human resources angles of the digital era

Firstly, if HR is to contribute to the business’ success, it much change its mindset. That may sound daunting, but Karmit offered some key parameters:

    • Design for the experience, not for the provider.
    • It is about speed not efficiency. Small is beautiful.
    • Digitally enabled HR functions, simplified processes, empowered teams.
    • Provide a human touch to get the HR function closer to the people.
    • Become the platform, leverage commonality wherever possible. It is the basis for future collaboration, and tone down internal brands.
    • HR should partner with strategic initiatives rather than roles and leaders. HR support is not an entitlement.
    • Create a learning ecosystem that matches the future world of work — check out amdocs’ learning app!

Positive Leadership à la Amdocs

The shift in HR’s functional mindset to adapt to the digital era, is based on the individuals within HR. An HR functional mindshift is only as strong as its individuals, because doing more of the same, even if faster or cheaper is no longer enough. Organizations redesign for speed, innovation, and partnership with the ecosystems.


Some tips that Karmit offered the audience of senior HR practitioners with regards to being a positive leader and showing true leadership in today’s and tomorrow’s HR shift, were:

  • Create space for people to shine and teams to be at their best
  • Challenge the status quo, lead teams thorough change
  • Promote a “Can Do” attitude
  • Like to learn and spark people’s curiosity
  • Have a quiet center — internal stress and chaos reflects on teams and staff

Above all, continue to think positively … it is obvious that a positive leader thinks positively! And enjoy the journey!

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