This week, AKT Czech Republic put on their first customer seminar, Transforming HR in the Digital Age, with co-hosts SAP Czech Republic. Twenty of Czech Republic’s most recognized companies with strong HR organizations, were first asked to compete against each other on their Digital HR readiness. A fast paced quiz that participants could complete using their mobile device, resulted in three “Digital HR Heroes” who were awarded quirky, comic book-style t-shirts.


With the ice broken and all focussed on learning about the major Digital HR concepts, Yoav Ventura and Pavel Jirutka took them through the present and future shifts and changes to HR in this digital age.


This was then followed by Iva Lackova and Yoav, demonstrating how SAP SuccessFactors can be a critical enabler in their digital HR transformation.  photo2

Of course, Digital HR doesn’t sit still – and once organizations embark on their digital HR transformation, they have to consider it a journey. And every journey needs a roadmap. Yoav then completed the morning seminar by explaining how to strategize their SAP SuccessFactors solution and ensuring that they have the right roadmap to achieve extraordinary results. 

Sap - interiéry, Bucharova 2817/9-13, 158 00 Praha 13 Sap - interiéry, Bucharova 2817/9-13, 158 00 Praha 13

There was a noticeable high interest and engagement amongst seminar participants. And, the gamified ice-breaker executed seamlessly through participant mobile devices, helped set both an energetic tone as well reinforced one of the seminar’s themes: mobile-first.

Another important theme was putting your employee at the center and give them what they want at their fingertips. To illustrate, each participant received a customised email leading them to a bespoke microsite that was created for this event with additional videos, blogs and white papers on the Digital HR themes discussed. This microsite is open to participants to visit at their leisure as often as they require. Updates will take place periodically. Visit the microsite >>

Download the full presentation of Transforming HR to the Digital Age >>

Are you Digital HR ready?!

We invite you to take the quiz yourself! How Digital HR ready are you?! This quiz is open to all AKT staff members until July 20. Prizes will  be given to the top 3 respondents.

Take Quiz Now


How to play (you’ll need your desktop and mobile phone for the full game experience):

  1. On your desktop, click the above link and when prompted, click Play and then Start Now.
  2. Then grab your mobile device, and go to When prompted, key in the PIN Code that appears on your desktop screen. Follow the instruction to add your name as well.
  3. The game will now start. Use the desktop as your game screen and your mobile device as your answer key pad. You’ve got 20 seconds per question.
  4. After completing the 7 questions, you’ll be given a total score. Congratulations! These scores will be collected in Kahoot and on July 21, we will see who are the top 3 scorers.

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