For all the progress in collecting, managing and sharing data, protecting it could be the biggest priority in 2017.

Between IoT device hacks and commercial data use, privacy concerns have influenced a new era of data regulation, which will impact business spending. For example, the European Union’s new privacy regime, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has and will continue to cause a tectonic shift in data protection law within and outside the EU.

The GDPR includes a requirement that certain companies to appoint a data protection officer (DPOs). That requirement is likely to create a bonanza for privacy professionals.

The International Association of Privacy Professionals estimates that the GDPR may create as many as 28,000 DPO openings in the EU. All in all, the need to comply with the GDPR may create 75,000 new privacy positions worldwide, according to the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

But, there is a shortage of individuals who would be qualified for these anticipated new jobs. Luckily, the University of Pantheon-Assas (Paris II) and the US-based law firm Hogan Lovells LLP have created a new DPO degree program. The Paris II-Hogan Lovells program will offer courses in law, cybersecurity, data analytics, management and ethics. The curriculum will also include industry sector-specific issues, such as banking, energy and automobiles.

We anticipate similar degree programs to ramp up this year, in line with the 25 May 2018 GDPR deadline.

Is your company ready and budgeted for this? If not, it is time to do so.

Want more details?

In EU Data Protection Regulation white paper, AKT provides a brief history of data protection regulation that has been put in place for EU countries, which would affect global companies when implementing cloud Human Capital Management solutions.

Download free AKT’s white paper:

EU Data Protection Regulation

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