This year will see the SAP HANA database face its biggest test yet, as the entire SuccessFactors customer base moves onto the platform in a series of migrations that have long been planned for the first half of 2017.

Here’s a high-level overview of the functionality provided with SAP HANA editions and options, prepared by Alper Somuncu of SAP.

SAP HANA Base Edition provides the basic capabilities of the HANA platform in the form of database services, integration services, and application services.

SAP HANA Spatial edition provides all capabilities of the SAP HANA Base Edition; additionally, it provides advanced capabilities for data warehousing and the use of spatial data.

SAP HANA Platform Edition provides all capabilities of the SAP HANA Base Edition. It also provides capabilities for data warehousing, libraries for predictive algorithms and R integration, search, text analysis and text mining, graph processing, and the use of spatial and series data.

SAP HANA Enterprise Edition provides all capabilities of the SAP HANA Base and Platform editions. In addition, it also provides integration capabilities such as smart data integration and replication as well as a rules framework, and includes the data distribution rights for exporting data out of SAP HANA to be consumed in third-party applications without SAP named user requirements.

The following is the list of features available with SAP HANA editions:

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SAP HANA Options and Additional Capabilities

SAP HANA dynamic tiering is a native big data solution for SAP HANA that adds smart, disk-based extended storage to your SAP HANA database. Dynamic tiering enhances SAP HANA with large volume, warm data management capabilities.

SAP HANA smart data streaming provides streaming analytic capabilities for the SAP HANA platform. It applies complex processing logic to identify patterns, calculate aggregates, detect problems, and generate alerts by combining real-time streams of data with the appropriate historic and reference data using an in-memory stream processing engine.

SAP HANA smart data integration and SAP HANA smart data quality help to enhance, cleanse, and transform data to make it more accurate and useful.

SAP HANA real-time replication provides technologies for replicating data in real time from any supported source system to the SAP HANA database.

SAP Operational Process Intelligence enables you to gain transparency into your business operations, resulting in improved operational efficiency as well as real-time support for making tactical and strategic decisions.

IoT foundation for SAP HANA provides technologies for handling data in Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios. It offers capabilities for IoT data ingestion through data streaming and data synchronization as well as connectivity management and multitemperature data storage.

And herewith the features available with SAP HANA options / capabilities:

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