During SuccessFactors Performance and Goals module implementation, we often see companies adding

multiple layers of approval or inputting various performance management forms. Complexity is found

in any organization; e.g., direct managers and indirect manager versus the matrix manager.

With SuccessFactors Performance and Goals implementation, organizations can re-evaluate the effectiveness

of these managerial levels and decide what approval process their own module should be set at.


Our recommendation: Keep it simple and reduce the number of route maps.

If you want to check if your processes are too complicated, you should look at the overall process duration.

You can calculate duration of performance appraisal process by looking at the length of time between

your process start and end dates.


Ideally, you want your process duration rate to be optimized to support your business needs.

If your process is too long or creates too much administrative burden, that could be a sign of

inefficiencies in the process that need to be addressed.


Looking at on-time completion rates is another way to gauge and improve the efficiency of your performance

management processes. Start by looking at the overall on-time completion rate for the process, then look

at the rate for each individual step in the process. If your overall on-time completion rate for a process


is not what you want it to be, consider whether the issue is that:


  • not enough duration was allowed for this step, or
  • the process timing coincides with another significant and time-consuming business process that keeps managers busy, or
  • participants do not feel that they are receiving value from the process.


You can determine the underlying cause of a lower than desired on-time completion rate, and

take appropriate action to address it. But, we encourage you to also ask yourself if you really need

that step. Sometimes things will not get done because they do not provide value to the individual or the organization.

Want more details?

In What to Expect When Implementing SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management, AKT highlights a few issues that rarely get the attention of those organizations going through the process of implementing SuccessFactors.

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