Integration is a critical aspect of linking SuccessFactors with other systems used to support your business processes outside of HR such as payroll, time and attendance, and environmental health and safety. When moving to SAP SuccessFactors, there is almost certainly a need to integrate with either the existing SAP ERP Human Capital Management system, other parts of SAP ERP, and/or with one or more third-party systems.

SuccessFactors simplifies integration with enterprise applications and processes with an open, flexible approach to integrating its cloud solutions. It lowers cost, increases speed, and enhances simplicity. Nevertheless, integration is always a challenging part of any Employee Central implementation.

Understanding Employee Central integration points early in the project prevents complications and further re-work.

During an implementation project, we see companies getting frustrated, because they did not consider future integration possibilities.

Examples of possible integration points are:

  • Integrating Employee Central, or other functions from SuccessFactors, with financials and payroll systems to facilitate the new employee on-boarding process;
  • Connecting recruitment data with background check services or assessment vendors;
  • Integrating SuccessFactors with CRM systems to monitor sales activities and measure performance.

To map out SuccessFactors integration points early, even during project scope, you would need be methodical. Analyze your core HR processes fully to see where the integration points are.

Our project teams use a baseline process map for each HR function that serves as a base for discussions. Through these discussions, we understand very early in the project what would be the integration points.


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In What to Expect When Implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central, AKT highlights a few issues that rarely get the attention of those organizations going through the process of implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central.

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