Do you enjoy being a part of this company?  Do you enjoy being apart from this company?

If you were confused in reading the above sentences, you are not alone. And your employees are not that far behind.

It is common knowledge that employers often complain about employees’ and candidates’ inability to speak and write clearly.


Experts also blame the recent upsurge in texting and shorthand writing to be the main contributor to poor

writing skills. Do u no wh@ I mean, 4 it’s important, r8?

In a survey by Hart Research Associates of 318 employers, 80 per cent said colleges should focus

more on written and oral communication. And it is probably going to get worse.

So what does all of this have to do with implementing SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Management module?


After dozens of SuccessFactors Performance & Goal Management implementation projects, we have

noticed that the main tool for combating this problem is to recognize that less is definitely more.

It is known that many employees may be reticent or even unable to express themselves freely on demand.

Therefore, keeping performance evaluation and goals setting forms simple and easy to complete, without

including too many mandatory free text sections, increases employee motivation to complete the form.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when structuring your employee evaluation form:


  1. Keep open-ended questions simple – If you must ask questions that include free text, keep it simple and to the point. For example, “List 3 things that employee X did well this year?” or “Give 2 areas in which employee X can improve.”
  2. Use ratings where possible – Using ratings has two main advantages as it allows organizations to maintain consistency and avoids ambiguity.
  3. Focus the evaluation – By sticking to a few aspects of the employees’ work, it helps to more accurately assess what the employee’s strengths and weaknesses are in that area. Do not try to include too many areas as it can be overwhelming for both the evaluator and the employee.


These are just a handful of tips to get you to overcome the crisis of poor writing skills when creating employee

evaluation forms. Fortunately, SuccessFactors allows you to easily build these processes and eventually

automate them, removing the painful manual practices of before and ensuring that the process is built upon best practices.

Want more details?

In What to Expect When Implementing SuccessFactors Performance & Goals Management, AKT highlights a few issues that rarely get the attention of those organizations going through the process of implementing SuccessFactors.

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