Online job platforms offer employees not only access to more tempting job offers but also greater transparency

of their earning potential elsewhere. Good, right? Yes in part.


Company’s top performers know their value and many of them are going online at this minute, to find new

opportunities and to evaluate potential employers. Employers need to realize that their employer brand is

no longer owned and managed by them but rather by their candidates and employees.


Online talent platforms, like Glassdoor and Vault, gather reviews and salary information provided by

current and former employees. Glassdoor has now over three million reviews covering over 200,000 companies.


Happy employee or disgruntled one, these reviews are there for the open market. Job seekers and employees

will form their own opinions of what it would be like to work for a given company.


It is much more challenging now to engage and retain talent. Organizations worldwide need to:

  • better manage their employees’ engagement,
  • secure their employer’s brand,
  • implement new ways to source and retain talent, and
  • harness the latest digital platforms to do all that.

At AKT, we know how to help clients take better control of their brand and manage it to their advantage.

Want more details?

AKT presents the latest findings in HR in the Digital Age white paper, and we describe how HR managers and leaders should embrace this new Digital HR paradigm.

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