A solid career development program can go a long way for any organization by building reserves for key positions,

retaining talent and improving the level of engagement at every level.

AKT’s experience shows that in order to succeed in building the infrastructure and implementing the program,

the following principles should be followed:

  1. The importance of the long term. This is a journey. Some benefits may be felt in the short term, but full implementation takes time. The program needs to be implemented gradually across various units in the organization, according to their readiness and ability.
  2. Transparency and visibility. Give employees easy access to information about opportunities within the organization. Required skills and experience as well as clearly set out recruiting procedures for these positions, need to be explicit.
  3. Simplicity. Every employee wants to easily understand “how it works” within the organization; i.e., how are careers managed, who is responsible and when.
  4. Feedback and dialogue. Managers need to feel empowered to guide employees and provide regular feedback to help them develop in their current role and in future positions within the organization.
  5. Communication. A plan for continuous communication needs to be defined and managed – one that strengthens messages of professionalism, excellence, development and learning.
  6. Measurement. Relevant success indices must be defined and maintained, and subsequently, the overall program should develop and be upgraded in light of relevant data.


Implementing a career development program is a complex process that requires a willing culture and the building

of a process infrastructure. With the above principles in place, you are one step closer to true success.


Want more details?

In Career Development: A Leading Solution for Coping with Talent Shortage white paper, AKT presents the latest field data, and we describe the required steps to build a truly successful career development program.

Download AKT’s White Paper on:
Career Development


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