The low-effort customer experience means creating and delivering an easy customer service that is catered to the needs of the consumer, rather than focussing on the most cost-efficient way to deal with them.

This low-effort thinking can also be a company’s opportunity.

Today’s workforce expects simple, intuitive and online interactions with their HR.
What defines “effective” in HR service delivery is not the same as before; the digital age propels HR organizations to also seek out relevant low-effort customer experiences and rewrite what “good” now looks like for both employees and managers.

Low-Effort Thinking in HR

HR needs to transform in order to deliver per the demands of both employees and employers. This means empowering all employees to manage their HR at any time, anywhere, making the user experience easy and instant.

HR processes need to be redesigned from an employee’s perspective rather than submitting to the fragmented process ownership between corporate functions and internal and external service providers.

And last but not least, HR leaders need to instil both low-effort thinking and digital mentality, coupled with measurement tools, into the HR organization.

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AKT presents the latest findings in HR in the Digital Age white paper, and we describe how HR managers and leaders should embrace this new Digital HR paradigm.

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