There are more than 7 billion mobile devices in the world today that drive over 40 per cent of all Internet traffic.

Yet fewer than 20 per cent of companies deploy their HR and employee productivity solutions on mobile apps today.


A more intriguing statistic for the future of your company is that over 50 per cent of job seekers are now using social

media almost exclusively to search for jobs. Yet only 25 per cent of employers are consistently active on these channels

because they’re still relying on traditional sourcing and branding techniques.


Online talent platforms already play a significant role in this new HR reality. These platforms, like CareerBuilder, or LinkedIn, and other mobile apps or corporate internal systems, have already attracted millions

of users worldwide and have eased some of these labour market imbalances by more effectively connecting

skilled job seekers with work opportunities.


A recent McKinsey Quarterly report outlined the results that some companies are achieving by getting

ahead of the competitive recruitment curve. Companies who make use of online talent acquisition

platforms see productivity increases of up to 9 per cent , a 7 per cent reduction in employee-related

costs, and increased profit margins upwards 540 basis points.


When LinkedIn and online job sites first began to gain traction, they were seen as add-ons to the traditional

résumé screening and candidate interviews. Today, digital talent acquisition supersedes traditional methods,

and employers need to come to grips with how they can catch up and turn online talent acquisitions into their BFFs.

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As business strategies undergo a fundamental re-think, so must organizations’ people strategies. A complete re-design of work and the workplace is now required. In AKT’s Talent Acquisition for the Digital Age white paper, we describe how smart companies know that they are only as good as their best workers, and will prioritize seeking out the best of the best for their organizations.

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