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Is Traditional HR Transformation Dead?

AKT explores how we evolve to the next gen of HR.. a disruptive HR!

Reimagining Performance Management

Let's not kill Performance Management yet - realign your performance practices to the digital age. Webinar has taken place - click for the recording.
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Data Protection

A brief history of data protection regulation that has been put in place for EU countries and impact cloud HCM users globally.
White Papers

Digital Leadership

Digital leadership from personal to organizational transformation.
White Papers

Organizing the Future

Implications of workplace automation and technological advancements.
White Papers

HR Delivery in the Digital Age

Gone are the days when you had to dazzle. Now just solve the customer problem. Same goes for HR delivery!
White Papers

Career Development

In this Leading Solution for Coping with Talent Shortage, AKT describes the required steps.
White Papers

Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age

Time to re-think your organization's people strategy.
White Papers

What to Expect When Implementing Employee Central

Here are some areas that should get your attention when implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central.
White Papers

What to Expect: Performance & Goals Management

Find best practices for Performance & Goals Management implementation.
White Papers

What to Expect: End-User Training

Training end-users is critical in rolling out SuccessFactors.
White Papers

HR for the Digital Age

In HR in the Digital Age, AKT presents the latest findings, and we describe how to be ahead of the digital HR curve.

Q2'17 SuccessFactors Release

AKT handpicks the major upgrades to SuccessFactors modules.

GDPR Ready?

Not the General but the "Global" Data Protection Regulation!

Continuous Performance Management

How do you create an effective Performance Management?

Some see a Weed. Others see a Leader!

The dandelion challenges the digital leader to think differently.

Ahoj from AKT Czech Republic

The #1 SAP SuccessFactors partner in the Czech Republic is now open!

You Got Whatsapped by the Future of HR

HR is going all mobile. Are you ready?

SAP HANA: Overview

Here's a clear and practical list of features of SAP HANA.

Workplace as an Experience

Employee experience is the next competitive HR battleground.

Europe Embraces Digital Leadership

Is your country embracing or avoiding the digital age? Find out.

Career Site Building Tool Available

Learn more about SAP SuccessFactors' new Career Building Site tool!

It Pays to be a Digital Leader

Learn how you can be a digital leader!

SAP SuccessFactors Q4 2016 Release

Check out the latest release highlights from SAP SuccessFactors!

Leverage Your Collective Intelligence

Can you put together a smart team in this digital age? Yes you can!

Success Is Simply Human

AKT sponsors SuccessFactors' SuccessConnect in Vienna.

Online Talent Platforms: Friend or Faux

Less than 20 per cent of companies deploy their HR on mobile apps today. This must change.